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HOTMAIL is now, Microsoft’s new email platform. Many users have e-mail accounts, which makes it potentially difficult to manage their messages. It reveals everything you need to know about old Hotmail accounts. Hotmail sign in if you want to open an account immediately, you can review it in detail below.

Hotmail sign in with another account

If you’ve ever had Hotmail mail and stopped using it for a while, don’t worry, you can now log in from and regain access to your old account. The process may vary slightly depending on the device you are trying to access from.

Hotmail sign in
Hotmail sign in

Connect to my Hotmail box

1) You must go to the site;

2) Enter your email ( @ ) and click Next.

3) screen your password and click on Hotmail Connect .

How to recover a Hotmail password

1) Make sure your login password  is secure, hard to crack. A good password should contain at least 10 characters with a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. If you haven’t updated your password in a while, it’s a good idea to change it now.

2) Start by Visiting and enter your email address, phone number or user number linked to the account to which the connection was opened.

3) It then provides an email address that Microsoft can use to contact you as part of your request.

4) You will then be prompted to enter the generated characters that appear on the screen to prove that you are not a robot.

5) A screen will then appear asking you to verify the contact’s email address.

5) Check the security code of this email, enter it and select Verify.

6) Select Submit when you’re done Microsoft should give you a 24-hour request deadline.

Enable Hotmail two-step verification

Hope you have heard of two step verification. You need something you have, usually an app code or a text message, in addition to your password to log in. With this option enabled, your password alone is not enough to access your Microsoft account, protecting you if someone steals it.

1) To get started with two-step verification, visit your Microsoft account page and select the Security tab at the top of the page. On the resulting Basic Security screen, click plus the following security text under the three boxes.

2) In the two-step verification header, click Turn on two-step verification. You will see a brief description of what it does. Press next to continue.

3) You will then have to choose whether you want to use a different app, phone number or email address for verification. Each method has advantages and disadvantages. We recommend that you choose an app because it is the most secure and works even if your phone is offline.

4) Microsoft will recommend using their authenticator app, but we recommend Authy instead. Once you have installed an authenticator app on your phone, select your phone’s operating system from the list. Then scan the QR code with your app and enter the code to confirm it. Make sure to copy the recovery code before clicking Finish.


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