How to change password on Twitter

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How to change password on Twitter
How to change password on Twitter

Hello, in this article we will explain in detail and illustrate How to change password on Twitter. If you wish, we will start right now. We will explain in Illustrated and detailed how to do this for you. All you have to do is follow the specified steps.

Change password on Twitter from your PC

The process on PC is easier than you might imagine, especially if it is a password change that does not have to do specifically with forgetting the existing one. Knowing your current password, follow these steps to change it:

How to change password on Twitter
How to change password on Twitter
  1. The first thing is that you enter this site from which we provide a link. You will enter directly if your session remains started. If closed, open as usual with your username and password: .
  2. We provide you with a fast path to the security and accounts section in your Twitter settings.
  3. Now, continue to fill in the boxes with your current password, the new one, confirm it by rewriting it in the final box.
  4. To finish, click on “Save Changes“.

Change password on Twitter from your mobile

The procedure on mobile is technically the same, with the difference that the route is not in your mobile browser, but by opening the app that you should already have downloaded from Twitter on your Android or iOS. If not, look for it as the first search option in the Play Store, or in the App Store. Now, follow the steps:

  1. With the Twitter app downloaded and installed on your device, open it.
  2. Look for the boxes to log in, and enter your current username and password.
  3. Within session, click on your profile, and in the displayed menu look for the security section.
  4. Within security, go to the passwords section, and choose “change password”
  5. Now, do the process as on a computer, of writing your current password, before writing the new one, and confirming it in a third text box. To fill.
  6. Click with everything ready and verified in “Save changes”.

Other security measures for Twitter

It is a great step forward for your security, that you make password changes. Now, if you consider that you should be even more cautious, we leave you some recommendations.

  • Try to keep the password memorable, without using words familiar to you in any personal way.
  • Try 2-Step Verification. Allow this measure; Within your general configuration, in the data usage section, it is not enough with a username and password to log in, but you also enter a code to your mobile or reference email.
  • Look inside the link for the “Password reset protection” box. It is the option that you normally use if you have forgotten your current password, and that intruders can use to log into your account. Like the two authentication steps, a code will be requested by mobile or email to proceed with the reset per se.

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