How to delete Microsoft account

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How to delete Microsoft account
How to delete Microsoft account

A Microsoft account covers a lot of content from different platforms that you could be using. On the other hand, you can see how the account is charged, or you have created a new one and do not want to carry two. Whatever the case, ask if it is really necessary to lose such an amount of data, in the event that you use the company’s services on the web very frequently. If you feel ready, read on.

Delete a Microsoft account from PC

The process of deleting a Microsoft account is not as complex or busy as you might think. With practically a couple of clicks on the indicated windows, you can sweep away everything you have accumulated in Outlook , Office or OneDrive accounts , for example. And if you are a gamer, you could lose a lot of saved content from different Xbox games. If you agree with the consequences at first sight, follow the steps below:

How to delete Microsoft account
How to delete Microsoft account
  1. The first step you must follow is to open, to log in with your usual data. User and password.
  2. With the session open, you will see a range of options open at the top of the screen, with the profile in the upper right corner. Press the menu option “View Microsoft account.”
  3. Then, you must click on the blue options bar, “Security”.
  4. At the bottom, within this option you will find the button “More security options”.
  5. As soon as you enter, a restriction will jump to verify that you are the owner of the account. You will have to enter your password at most, but in special cases they may ask you for two-step verification.
  6. You will find yourself being verified, with additional security options. You will find among the options, the one to “Close my account”. Access it.
  7. You will enter the page for the final closing, and Microsoft will ask you to make sure you have everything in order before closing. Save value data, contracts, etc.
  8. Having marked next, you will be asked to mark all consequences of closing, as Microsoft’s last attempt not to close the account. Mark all the confirmation boxes, and click on “Mark account for closing.”

Delete Microsoft account from mobile

If you want to do the process from your mobile, the normal thing is that you start through an app that is from Microsoft. If, for example, you have the Outlook app, you must enter, log in, and press the security options. You will be directed to Microsoft, and you will continue with the steps in the previous section.

Remember that the final closure occurs in 60 days, and you have that margin of time to retract and reopen the account, simply by using it again (Logged in and confirming reactivation).

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