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How to create a Microsoft account
How to create a Microsoft account

Microsoft is a platform that brings many benefits from its business initiative, offering many web services and maintaining alliance with networks of interest. Having a Microsoft account is synonymous with having access to platforms such as Office, MSN , Outlook or OneDrive . Learn how to start your session, with the advice we give you below.

Sign in to Microsoft from PC

If by any chance you already have an account in services started with Outlook or Office, as a regular user of Windows as the operating system, it is not necessary to follow these steps. That account with which you enter Microsoft services, is in effect the main Microsoft account (You are used to being a Hotmail user, if you created your email account years before 2014). If you don’t have these sessions started, with a Microsoft account, follow the steps below:

Hotmail sign in
Microsoft sign in


  1. We give you the link to copy in your trusted browser, so that you can access Microsoft’s home page faster and start the session: .
  2. Click on the “Login” option.
  3. To identify the user, it is worth using the email from Hotmail / Outlook, the phone number associated with the account, or the username of Skype. If you do not have an account, select the option “Don’t have an account? Create one ”. Follow the steps, and with the account created, follow the steps again.
  4. Enter your password in the box below.
  5. Click on “Login“.

Sign in to Microsoft from mobile

Logging into Microsoft, it will always be preferable to do it through the main page on the desktop. The best way to log in to Microsoft is by downloading and installing the app from one of the services, preferably the one you need the most. Choose one from MSN, Outlook, Office, OneDrive (Find them available in the Play Store or App Store). With the app that best suits your needs on your mobile, proceed to follow the steps:

  1. Log in by filling out the form once you open the app. Enter the user data by email, phone number or Skype, and enter your password.
  2. With the data entered correctly, click on “Login”.
  3. Ready, you are already within Microsoft, through one of its services on your mobile.

Synchronize with Microsoft, sessions on different devices

If you are a Windows 10 user, you can link your PC with your mobile, so that sessions started or closed on a device are executed in the same way with each other. Follow the steps to have this security measure:

  1. In the Windows 10 app list, tap “Settings.” You enter “accounts“, and then “email accounts and applications.
  2. In the segment of “Accounts used by other applications”, you must select “Add a Microsoft account”.
  3. Finally, you enter your account information. Select “Create one”, if you don’t have one.

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